Boxing day


Boxing Day originated in England in the 19th century when people would use the day to thank the community and those who had helped them throughout the year. The name Boxing Day came from the tradition of giving gifts of food, clothing, cash or other goods to those less fortunate, packed in boxes for easy transport.


Boxing DayBoxes of gifts were given to service workers such as maids, cooks, drivers, footmen and postmen. This way Christmas Day was used for exchanging gifts with family and friends, and the next day was for giving to those who helped.
Today, Boxing Day is celebrated amongst many of the Commonwealth Nations with a dominant Christian population. In South Africa it is known as the Day of Goodwill, and in some parts of Europe it is called Christmas II.
Nowadays Boxing Day is a very popular shopping holiday, as shops put on large post Christmas sales to attract customers. As you could imagine (and some of you would have experienced), this causes a huge rush!
It is also a big day on the sporting calendar. In Australia it is the start of the famous Boxing Day cricket test at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, as well as the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Scotland and England traditionally hold Premiere League football (soccer) matches on this day, and rugby matches are also popular. The second most prestigious horseracing event is also held on Boxing Day in Surrey, England. In Canada the IIHF World U20 Championship also begins on December 26th and is often compared to the likes of the Super Bowl.
And of course, it wouldn’t Boxing Day without…..well, boxing! In some African Commonwealth Nations prize fighting contests are held on this day.
Whatever you do this Boxing Day, whether it’s a BBQ with friends or hitting the shops for the sales, the team at Fleetcare wishes you a safe and happy day.

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