Back to school


Parents across Australia breathe a sigh of relief on the first of February, when most major schools open their doors again after the long summer break. Back to school can be a hard time for parents and students alike, so how to keep the back to school jitters in check?


Back to schoolWe have some great tips to make the new school year of 2010 the best year for your young ones!

The first day back can be a worry for both parents and children alike but with a bit of thought the new school year needn’t be a daunting prospect. Take some time to talk through your child’s worries about new teachers, new school friends and schoolwork. Even trivial things like lunchtimes and the journey to and from school can prey on a child’s mind so go through all the details so that they are mentally prepared.

Get your house ready for the return to school. Decide on a home for the school bags, sports kit, flyers, permission slips and all the other bits and bobs that are essential to school life. You could even designate a shelf as a ‘school station’ and put anything that needs to be taken to school there so that it can be remembered easily. A yogurt pot is useful for lunch money. Put up a whiteboard with a pen so that reminders can be written down as soon as they are thought of.

Just before the new term starts why not go out with a bang with a special treat or even a back-to-school party to make the start of the new school year a big event? A family outing or even a special meal marks the occasion. It’s also a really good idea to gather together school friends who haven’t been seen over the holidays so that they have a chance to get to know each other again before they meet up in the classroom.

Whatever you do, make sure going back to school is a fun experience for your children as well as yourself!

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