Autumn automotive tips


The weather is cooling down and the days are getting shorter, signalling that winter isn’t far away. While most parts in Australia don’t get snow, many areas are affected by sometimes severe winter storms, along with lots of rain.


Protecting your car in winterAll this wild weather means that driving can sometimes be treacherous during the winter months. So how can you prepare your car for winter? We have some tips to complete in autumn so you don’t get caught out come June.

• Tyres – check your tyre tread depth and tyre pressure to make sure your tyres will perform at their optimum level when on wet surfaces.

• Wiper blades – it is recommended that drivers replace their wiper blades every six months. This is especially important after summer when wiper blades often disintegrate in strong sunlight.

• Headlights – check to see if your headlights are working at their brightest and are properly aimed. Remember to drive with your lights on in rainy or foggy conditions where visibility is reduced.

• Heater, battery and exhaust – Test these to ensure that you won’t be caught out in the cold this winter.

• Prepare cover – It is a good idea where possible to have somewhere under cover to park your car in case of hail or falling tree branches in storms when you are at home or work, or invest in a car cover to minimise damage if large hail occurs.

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