Australia Day


Australia day. The day where the nation comes together to celebrate what it means to be Australian. But let’s face it, most of us do the same thing we did last year – maybe the yearly barbie with the family then the annual fireworks? Why not spice up your family (or friends) gathering with some new activities which will be a sure hit!


Australian flags1) Organise a contest for who can hold the best Aussie slang (accent)

2) Everyone loves a good Boomerang; why not see who can throw it the best?

3) Or if you can find any horse shoes, have a horse shoe tossing contest

4) Try performing Australian songs on one of Australia’s natural instruments- the gum leaf!

5) Try experimenting with bush tucker. Need I say more?

6) However, if a goanna and witchetty grubs doesn’t quite suit your fancy, why not hold a good old Australian meat pie eating contest! In a recent issue of Fleettorque we gave you our very own meat pie recipe should you feel like putting your chefs hat on. If you missed it click here…

There are plenty of other ways you can celebrate Australia day, either way all that matters is that you’re spending the day with loved ones. Only your imagination will limit the amount of fun you can have on such a fun day!

Happy Australia Day from Fleetcare!

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