Anzac Day traditions


While some Australians make the annual pilgrimage to Gallipoli to honour the fallen diggers lost on the first Anzac Day, others have different traditions to commemorate and thank our soldiers. We have compiled a list of events and activities to participate in on April 25th to mark Anzac Day in your own unique way.


Anzac Day hatAttend a dawn service – held all over the country, usually at local war memorials with larger capital city services, thousands of Australians flock to annual dawn services. The dawn service originates from an Australian military routine, but now involves veterans and the general public gathering to honour all past and present soldiers. There is no standard format for the Dawn Service; however most include the ‘Last Post’ at exactly 4.28am (the time of the original Anzac landing), addresses and the placing of wreaths.

Attend an Anzac Day parade – All capital cities and some smaller centres hold an annual Anzac Day parade for veterans, relatives of fallen diggers and current soldiers. Why not go along to support the veterans and soldiers, and bring an Australian flag to wave?

Wear a red poppy or place one on a Roll of Honour – The poppy has become a symbol for sacrifice, and is worn both during November for Remembrance Day, and at Anzac Day as the flowers grow in Turkey during early spring. Wear a poppy on the 25th to thank soldiers for their sacrifice, or place them beside relative’s names on war honour rolls around the country.  

• Bake Anzac biscuits – Traditionally made by anxious mother’s and wives and sent to the soldiers in care packages, Anzac biscuits have become a popular food to eat on April 25th. They are also very tasty and easy to make, adding to their popularity as a traditional Anzac snack! Check out our yummy Anzac biscuit recipe.

While this list gives you some ideas on how to commemorate Anzac Day, the most important thing is to simply take a moment to remember the sacrifices that our soldiers have made fighting for our freedom. Thanks to all the past and present soldiers out there – we salute you!

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