ANCAP ratings are there to protect you


ANCAP safety ratings may be the last thing on your mind as you eye-off the latest gleaming models on the showroom floor, but when the rubber no longer hits the road and you’re slamming into the back of that truck, it’s way too late to start thinking about your car’s safety.

So you’d better start thinking about it before you buy your next car.


Car safety matters for you and your family, and you can be grateful for ANCAP, the independent vehicle safety advocate that methodically tests car safety and publishes its results in an easy-to-understand star rating. The Australian New Car Assessment Program (ANCAP) has been slamming cars into walls, wrapping them round poles, smashing things into the side of them and writing them off since 1992.
It’s all in the interests of saving lives and reducing injuries. All that damage is carefully and systematically evaluated into an overall assessment of vehicle safety.
Rather than bombard car buyers with bewildering facts and figures, ANCAP’s star rating system is a summary of the safety the car provides for occupants and pedestrians in a crash, and its ability to avoid one in the first place.
Cars and light commercial vehicles entering the Australian and New Zealand market undergo identical tests to determine their rating, giving buyers an opportunity to compare similar vehicles. Assessments take into account structural integrity, safety features and safety assist technologies such as autonomous emergency braking and blind spot monitoring.
ANCAP’s crash test dummies take quite a walloping to assess the possible impact on people in a collision, including on pedestrians.
Those stars say a lot about safety. You’re twice as likely to be killed in a three star car as you are in a five star car, and you can get a really graphic demonstration of the vast gap between one star and five on the ANCAP website. The utter demolition of the one star ute in a simulated 64km/h collision is truly disturbing.
The good news is that the days when a safe car meant an expensive one are well behind us. Today, Hyundai I30s, Ford Falcon Utes, Volkswagen Polos and Toyota Corollas share their five star credentials with the likes of traditional safety leaders like Mercedes Benz and Volvo.
ANCAP’s website makes buying a safe car simple and with such a range of five star cars and light commercials now on offer, there’s really no excuse for not buying the safest vehicle you can. After all, what’s your life and the life of your family worth?
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