5 Simple fuel saving tips


With fuel prices tipped to reach a five year high in the coming weeks, petrol consumption has become even more of a concern for Australian motorists. In order to stretch out the time between trips to the bowser, we have some simple tips to help you conserve both fuel and your pay check.


1. Minimise the use of your vehicle for short trips – vehicles are least fuel efficient at the start of trips and during short trips. This is due to the fact that it takes five kilometres for the engine to reach its optimum temperature. Avoid shorter 1. trips by combining several driving destinations into one trip or using another form of transport (walking, cycling) for short trips.

2. Use the correct gear - If driving a manual car, be sure to drive in the correct gear to avoid your car using more petrol than necessary and putting extra strain on the engine.

3. Look after your car – Ensure that the engine is correctly tuned, your filters are in good condition, the fuel and ignition systems are operating properly and change the oil regularly. Although your initial servicing outlay may appear pricey, by keeping your car in tip-top chape will save you money on fuel in the long run.

4. Inflate your tyres correctly – if your tyre pressure is too high or too low your car will have to work harder to overcome greater rolling resistance, meaning you use more fuel.

5. Remove accessories when not in use – vehicle add-ons such as roof racks and spoilers increase aerodynamic drag, making your car less fuel efficient. By removing them when not in use your car will be more streamlined.

There are many more great fuel saving tips, but these are just a few simple ways to get started on the path to lower fuel consumption. Share your fuel saving tips with us on our Twitter page!

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