40 hour famine


We are very fortunate to live in Australia and sometimes we can all be a bit guilty of taking many things for granted. Experience what it is like to go without by giving up something for 40 hours and help raise money for those less fortunate.


40 hour famineHere are just a few things you could give up for the weekend:

• Food – see what it’s like for 925 million people who go hungry each day.

• Internet – think you can’t live without Facebook, Twitter or your e-mail? Turn back the clock 15 years and spend a weekend without the net.

• Mobile phone – feel lost when you leave your phone at home? Why not switch it off for 40 hours and disconnect yourself from the modern world.

• Transport – use your feet and walk everywhere. Don’t use your car, bike, scooter, skateboard, rollerblades (if you still have them!) and don’t jump on trains, trams or buses either.

• Shopping – a bit of a shopaholic? Don’t spend a single cent this weekend. No online shopping, no going to the movies on Saturday night, not even a bottle of water or a sandwich. You’ll save a bit of money too!

• Video games –switch off the computer or game console and get outdoors! Enjoy the fresh air and get some friends together to play some sport, or organise a family picnic.

Want to do your part to help put an end to hunger? Visit www.40hourfamine.com.au to sign up or learn more.

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