Crisis, what crisis? Is the auto industry back to boom times?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 3/05/2012 10:46:50 AM

The 4th of December 2007 was a very cold day in Detroit. GM CEO Rick Wagoner woke up, joined the heads of Chrysler and Ford and drove to Washington to beg for the survival of their industry. Something was clearly rotten in the city of Detroit. While big changes and big progress has been made since that dark day the question still remains; Is the auto industry out of crisis yet? Is the crisis over? The short answer is yes, but nothing is ever that straightforward. While vehicle production...

Kick starting the debate on lemon laws

Michael Hunt and Rory Deegan | 20/04/2012 10:58:45 AM

“We pluck the lemons; you get the plums.” Pulled from a VW advert circa 1950 this is possibly one of the first mentions of the term “lemon” to describe a car which doesn’t live up to purchaser expectations. The question of what to do once you find out you have bought a “lemon” has persisted the world over. Add to this the fact that the topic itself has become something of a legal lucky dip depending on where you live.   What are Lemon Laws?...

Tips for the top – predictions for the top sellers of 2012

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 16/02/2012 12:10:53 PM

2011 was a year of radical change with uprisings, a new country in Africa, financial turmoil and financial miracles. The same, fortunately or unfortunately, could not be said of the Australian top ten selling vehicles. Other than a few re-models and a brief shuffle of the deck very little has changed in the last ten years. In this weeks blog we give our tips for the top in 2012 and, unless something very big comes along, we're predicting very little change.   Our tips for the t...

Collision avoidance systems a fleet managers new best friend

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 13/01/2012 1:44:22 PM

“The next thing I know my Mercedes had stopped, without hitting the car in front of me.” Those were the words of Google Senior Vice President, Vic Gundotra, who described his experience with collision avoidance technology in this YouTube video. Collision avoidance technology is quickly becoming a very serious selling point for some very forward thinking vehicle manufacturers. With this in mind we turn our attention this week to examples of this new and emerging technology and what...

Volkswagen fight for number 1 spot

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 25/11/2011 2:22:05 PM

It was 11.09am on a hot Perth morning at the VW drive day, my palms were sweaty and my heart was pounding, I was facing my first ever slalom time trial and I was nervous. As it turns out I posted an average speed and my trial went off without incident but that was just an aside. In the time waiting for my run at the course I had learned just how exciting VW and its future really is.   VW progress In the past few years VW has been growing its market share, slowly and quietly, in...

Top 10 cars series; Brazil's top selling cars

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 18/11/2011 2:30:46 PM

7.49% is a curious number, it doesn’t look significant, it doesn’t sound significant, but it is……very significant. 7.49% is the economic growth rate for Brazil in 2010. Considering that in 2010 the rest of the world virtually cried itself to sleep over their respective economic figures, 7.49% growth is nothing short of an economic miracle. It’s thanks to the confidence this brings that Brazils vehicle sales have increased by over 10% (year end figures not avail...

Vehicle life expectancy – What does it mean in 2011?

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 2/09/2011 9:10:56 AM

Enacted in October 1960 the United States Trade Embargo on Cuba has had many impacts on the people of Cuba. The most interesting development from a car enthusiast’s point of view is the sheer levels of old cars clunking their ways around the islands road network. How is it that these old jalopy's are still succeeding in bringing locals from A to B after decades of continual use? This week I examine which cars last the longest and what vehicle life expectancy really means in a world ...

VW Polo - Car of the year 2010

Cindy Anthony - Marketing Assistant | 2/12/2010 10:31:52 AM

With a vast array of contenders vying for the title of Car of the Year, the winner which superseded all other competitors is none other than the little German powerhouse, the Volkswagen Polo. Firstly it won Drive’s Best City Car and went onto win the over accolade from both Drive and Carsguide. Nonetheless, this isn’t the first time Volkswagen has tasted victory. But it looks like the bub of the family decided it wanted its share of the spotlight after big brother Golf won ove...

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