The Move Towards a 0.02 Alcohol Limit for Australian Drivers

Bowan Spanbroek | 18/03/2010 3:33:10 PM

The recent suggestion of a 0.02 blood alcohol limit in Queensland has ignited a nation wide debate, splitting academics and the media down the middle. It has stemmed from a submission to the Government of Queensland giving numerous options for combating drink driving, a 0.02 limit being one of them. Professor Daube from Curtin University in Western Australia says the move is ‘inevitable’. “We can wait forever for yet more evidence or we can decide as a nation that we...

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Car production takes a dive

Bowan Spanbroek | 11/01/2010 4:04:05 PM

Australian car production has slumped to a low of 225,713 vehicles produced in 2009, a staggering 100,000 fewer cars than 2008. The high Australian dollar has hindered the already diminished demand from foreign importers in the US and Middle East. On top of this local producers are hurting from the recent tariff cut that has lowered foreign importers costs considerably. These combined factors mean local producers will be relying heavily on tax-payer funded assistance in the coming year, w...

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