Modern cars still can’t drive themselves

Mark Schneider | 30/08/2018 9:32:06 AM

If you’ve been awaiting the arrival of the first totally autonomous car then the latest news from America is bound to disappoint you. It seems you’ll need to be taking care, paying attention to the road and actually doing the driving for some time yet. America’s Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently tested five new vehicles with the latest semi-autonomous safety features and the results showed that car makers still have some way to go. The vehicles, the ...

Six Formula 1 innovations you’ll find in road cars

Mark Schneider | 22/06/2018 2:21:02 PM

Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo really blitzed the field on his way to winning this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, making Aussie sports fans hearts beat faster as he drove that crippled Red Bull car across the line. It was an amazing piece of driving in a car with a failing power unit, making everyone wonder how he’d go in a faster, more reliable car like the Mercedes. He’d probably be unbeatable. But even if you’d rather sit at home and watch paint dry than a Formul...

Are “talking” cars coming to Australia?

Mark Schneider | 28/05/2018 11:00:00 AM

The era of “talking” vehicles is almost upon us with Toyota announcing that it will start fitting its cars for the American market with sensor-based systems to communicate with other vehicles and road infrastructure from 2021. The technology is known as Dedicated Short-Range Communications Systems (DSRC) and according to Toyota it promises safer roads, fuel savings and better traffic flows. It’s similar to Bluetooth and allows vehicles to exchange information including s...

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Categories: Technology

Are fuel cell vehicles the future of motoring or just “mind-bogglingly stupid”?

Mark Schneider | 28/05/2018 10:00:00 AM

Hydrogen is the most common element on the planet and most carmakers seem convinced that hydrogen-powered cars are the future of motoring, but with a whole range of electric vehicles about to enter the market it’s worth asking the question: why the push for hydrogen? On the face of it hydrogen does offer advantages as a vehicle fuel. Unlike fossil fuels it’s theoretically a very clean fuel. Use hydrogen to drive your car and the only thing coming out of the tailpipe is water v...

Is Tesla about to be overtaken?

Mark Schneider | 28/05/2018 8:00:00 AM

Tesla may have successfully launched a car into space but back here on Earth it’s beginning to look like its competitors may be about to blast past the electric car innovator with electric vehicles of their own. History isn’t always kind to innovative companies who produce brilliant ideas only to have others pick them up and then run past them. Take Kodak for example. It invented digital photography, failed to capitalise on it and went bankrupt in 2012. On the other side of th...

Mazda's new motor combines the best of petrol and diesel

Mark Schneider | 23/04/2018 1:44:02 PM

With diesel engines on the nose with legislators around the world the clever engineers at Mazda have been working to make petrol engines behave like diesels – but without the pollution that comes with them. In a world first they've created a compression ignition petrol engine that uses higher compression inside the cylinder, rather than a spark from a spark plug, to ignite the fuel. It's known as Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI). The higher compression of di...

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Are high-tech safety features a driving distraction?

Mark Schneider | 23/04/2018 11:09:28 AM

Today's cars come packed with an astonishing array of features that just a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction. Many of them, such as lane centring and automatic braking systems, are designed to keep us safe and secure on the roads. But what if all those features with their range of options, their buttons and all those things that beep at you were distracting you from the vital task of driving? Well that's the question that's been raised by an American survey ...

Five of the oldest safety features

Mark Schneider | 16/04/2018 8:24:21 AM

It's a sobering fact that the history of cars goes hand-in-hand with the history of road deaths. The first automotive fatality dates back to 1869 when the unfortunate Mary Ward was thrown from an experimental steam car and run over as it rounded a corner in Ireland. For much of that history vehicle safety has been something of an afterthought, but today, thankfully, safety is a central concern of most new car buyers, along with practicality, economy, style and price. But...

Electric trucks promise to slash running costs

Mark Schneider | 19/02/2018 1:44:28 PM

Tesla has promised to turn the trucking industry on its head with the development of a powerful new electric semi that promises dramatically reduced running costs. But as usual with Tesla, the glittering promise is qualified with a lot of "ifs, buts and maybes". The semi is undeniably big and impressive – "a beast" according to Tesla's Elon Musk that's designed for heavy-duty work. Apart from that not much is known about it apart from a claim that it will...

Fleetcare launch Fleetmanager BI

Lania Mason | 9/11/2017 9:41:38 AM

On Tuesday 24th October 2017, Fleetcare launched Fleetmanager BI. Fleetmanager BI is Fleetcare’s business intelligence and reporting tool, integrated into the Fleetmanager portal. Fleetmanager BI gives client’s the strategic edge, providing critical fleet insights to help control expenditure and increase efficiency. Fleet managers will be able to see key fleet data in a single snap-shot each time they log into Fleetmanager, with the ability to drill down easily and explo...

Four quick tips for sorting out the Bluetooth blues

Mark Schneider | 2/11/2017 8:36:00 AM

Bluetooth technology is one of the wonders of the technological age, wirelessly connecting electronic devices so they can exchange data instantly when they're close together. It's simple to set up and use and it's made file sharing between computers a whole lot easier. It's been an absolute boon for hearing aid users, enabling them to connect hearing aids directly to smart phones and landlines. And of course it's revolutionised your car's communications a...

Tyre Maintenance For Fleet Managers

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 5/09/2017 10:23:40 AM

Ok today we’re going to talk to you about tyres, the presentation is 40 minutes long and we have tea, coffee and pastries for you guys”. Those were the words of a supplier of ours who was showing us his company’s new tyre range. I remember thinking that 40 minutes was a hell of a lot of time to talk about tyres, I mean how much can be said about black rubber circles? How wrong I was. I left the meeting convinced that there must be hundreds of fleet managers who are wrongly w...

Respect Employees' Privacy When Using Tracking Technology

Mark Schneider | 30/08/2017 11:24:02 AM

If you’re in charge of a business’s vehicle fleet then you might have discovered that the human dimensions of the task can be a lot more challenging than the administrative side of it. One area that can require considerable tact and careful handling is the use of vehicle tracking technology. Vehicle tracking devices such as those offered by Fleetdynamics have given business managers unprecedented control over their fleet operations in recent years. These in-vehicle devices lin...

Is Germany about to ban internal combustion engines?

Mark Schneider | 13/01/2017 8:35:31 AM

Is the country that gave birth to the modern internal combustion engine about to kill it off? Well maybe and maybe not. News that the German Bundesrat, the federal council of all of Germany’s 16 states, recently voted to ban gasoline and diesel powered vehicles by 2030 has made waves worldwide. However, German petrolheads, or perhaps dieselheads, needn’t panic just yet, because the decision is non-binding and is as much a statement of intent as anything else. The Bundesrat doe...

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12-volt electrical systems are reaching the end of the road

Mark Schneider | 6/01/2017 9:13:05 AM

The pace of change in vehicle technology has been dizzying in recent years with engines, brakes and safety systems all undergoing radical transformations that have brought dramatic improvements. They don’t make cars like they used to, and we can all be very thankful for that. However one thing that’s remained unchanged for decades is the electrical system that underpins much of this technology. Cars have been running 12-volt electrical systems since the 1950s when most manufac...

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