How to reduce fleet emissions

Do you rely on a strong fleet to help your business run smoothly? With vehicles that are constantly on the road - tips that help reduce your carbon footprint will not only help increase your businesses environmental image, but will also help lower your fuel costs. By following the below steps you can greatly reduce your fleet’s emissions and enhance your overall environmental image.

1. Optimise your routes – Allowing your drivers to have an on-board GPS enables drivers to instantly re-route for the shortest travel distance. This way your fleet drivers will avoid any unnecessary travel and will get to their destination a lot faster, which is great for your fleet emissions and business flow.

2. Complete regular maintenance on your vehicles – For maximum fuel efficiency, driver safety and asset lifecycles, ensure that all vehicles are serviced when you are alerted the vehicle is due for a service. By using our handy Fleetcare finder you are able to find your nearest service provider by simply entering your postcode. If you think your vehicle may be due for a service you can contact our Fleetcare maintenance team on 1300 655 170.

3. Enforce safe driving – Techniques such as using your handbrake, removing roof racks, always staying within speed limits and remaining calm all increase fuel efficiency. By educating your employees on these simple tips, your fleet will reduce petrol consumption and lower your employee’s personal petrol costs. Not only is this helping with you fleet emissions it is also helping teach your fleet drivers better driving practices.

4. Set Benchmarks for your team – Aim for an annual percentage reduction in emissions each year. This way you are motivating your fleet drivers to reach a certain team goal.

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Find out more

5. Offset the Rest – Try to eliminate or lower off-hours use of vehicles that could waste money and also contribute to your carbon footprint. Keep track of your vehicles and what they’re doing 24/7 with GPS software.

By following these 5 steps you can easily lower your carbon footprint and also save your business money. Well educated drivers are key so ensure they are all aware of what they can do to ensure lower fleet emissions.

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