Fleetcare Driver Poll results - VW emissions scandal

68% of drivers say that the VW emissions scandal will affect their possible future purchase of a VW car according to the latest Fleetcare Drivers Poll conducted by leading fleet management company Fleetcare.

42% of drivers said that the emissions-cheating revelations would affect their possible VW purchase ‘Very much’ with a further 26% saying it would put them off ‘To some extent.’

Underlining the financial impact of the emissions revelations, 71% of drivers said they would expect to be compensated if they owned a VW diesel car which was recalled for fixing. But only 27% of drivers were confident that the emissions issue could be fixed without affecting a car’s performance, with 73% of motorists saying they were not at all confident, or not very confident that performance would remain unaffected.

Nigel Malcolm, Chief Executive Officer of Fleetcare says: ‘It’s hard to understate the impact of the emissions scandal on a brand which has always been seen as synonymous with reliability. If drivers follow through with their current attitudes, we are going to see far fewer VWs on the road in future years. But drivers are not naïve about the possibility that other manufacturers may also have tried to trade emissions for performance. There’s a feeling that we’re in a position of “watch this space”.’

Fleetcare Drivers Poll asked drivers ‘How likely do you think it is that emissions-rigging has occurred at other car manufacturers?’ 36% of respondents answered ‘Very likely,’ 49% ‘Fairly likely’ with only 1.5% of drivers answered ‘Not at all likely.’

Overall, 64% of drivers say they are ‘Very’ or ‘Fairly’ concerned that VW rigged emissionstesting on diesel cars between 2009 and 2015. The multiple ramifications, from environmental concerns, to used VW prices, are still being worked through.

A total of 56% of all those surveyed either own or have owned a VW manufactured car, attesting to the strength of the brand in the market. Responses of VW owners patterned those of other car owners very closely.

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