Top 6 V8 moments in history

The V8 supercar season is arguably one of the greatest times of the year for motorsport fans. It’s that time of year where names such as Whincup, Murphy and Lowndes become familiar in conversations and everyone is talking about the races from the past weekend. With two weekends to go until the end of the 2014 V8 season we take a look back on six memorable moments through the V8 supercar history.

1. Tap at the Creek

At Eastern Creek in 2003, the famous Skaife- Ingall incident took place. Mark Skaife’s Commodore went into the wall on lap 41 after contact with Russel Ingall. Enraged Skaife ignored safety officials and stormed onto the track to vent his fury at Russel in the next lap. To further enrage Skaife, Russel swerved slightly towards him. The incident caused massive outrage between the Ford and Holden camps and is still talked about today.

2. Craig Lowndes reaches 94 career wins

2013 was the year of record breaking performances. All fans, Holden, Ford, Mercedes, and Nissan were captivated when Craig Lowndes equalled V8 Supercars legend Mark Skaife’s record of 90 race wins in the first race of the season in Adelaide. This record was soon elapsed in Perth when Lowndes won his 91st race in his illustrious career. Wins also at Hidden Valley, Gold Coast and Phillip Island has Lowndes on 94 career wins after the 2013 season. Lowndes achievements could see him as the first driver to win 100 V8 Supercar races.

3. Sportsmanship between Alex Premat and James Courtney

In V8 Supercars, danger is part of the job, and often split second decisions can lead to freak accidents. In the 2013 season, an almighty crash between Frenchmen Alex Premat and James Courtney occurred. The collision happened when Premat lost control of his car and it slid out onto the grass due to no traction. The result - front on contact with the driver’s side of Courtney’s car. Courtney, winded severely from the crash was unable to exit his car by himself. Premat was able to open the passenger side door and pull Courtney to safety whilst waiting for medical staff to arrive. A deed which showed one of the greatest sportsmanship moments in V8 supercar history.

4. Ford wins the Bathurst 1000

It was the 5 year drought for Ford at Bathurst in 2013. Pepsi Max Crew driver Mark Winterbottom along with co-driver Steve Richards won the great race from 2nd on the grid. It wasn't all smooth sailing for the duo with Richards dropping to the back end of the top 10 at the start of the race. It was not until the last round of pit stops that Winterbottom took the lead over Red Bull Racing driver Jamie Whincup. On the last lap, Whincup was able to come alongside Winterbottom and push for the lead. The victory gave Winterbottom his first Bathurst win while Richards won the prestigious race for the 3rd time in his career. A great victory for Ford fans.  

5. Introducing Bathurst

In 1999, Bathurst for the first time was included as a point scoring round. By including the Bathurst in the V8 Supercar series, many part time fans were swept up in the excitement of the championship battle, becoming regular or semi-regular viewers. It’s the toughest race for drivers to win and a decent result in the race usually counts in the fight for the year’s title.  

6. Arguably Bathurst’s greatest ever lap

2003 saw Greg Murphy pull off a qualifying lap that will always be remembered. After missing a gear coming down the mountain Murphy crossed the line 1.1 seconds ahead of John Bowe for a time of 2:06.85 – the fastest lap recorded at Bathurst and commonly known as the lap of the gods. Murphy’s victory was only beaten this year with the V8 supercar – cars of the future series. Murphy’s lap will always be known as one of the greatest comebacks Bathurst has seen.
With two final weeks of racing ahead we can’t wait to see who takes out the 2014 title. Who do you think will be crowned V8 Champion?

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