Top 10 cars series; India’s top selling cars.

“Oh wow, it really does look like a bumper car” those were the words of one of my esteemed colleagues on first viewing the Tata Nano (its one of the cheapest and arguably one of the ugliest cars the world has ever seen). Produced and created in India the Nano is the perfect car to show how the Indian car market is completely enamoured with the small car.

Top 10 makeup

With almost all of their top ten being made up of small vehicles India can safely be categorised as a small car nation.  While the motorised vehicles of the two wheeled variety still dominate car sales have (despite a faltering global market) surged and sales look set to hit the 3 million mark by 2015. With 5 entries in the May 2011 top ten Maruti (Suzuki) seem to have dominated the market and are holding off stiff competition from even the Nano in what is quickly becoming a very attractive market place.

India (May 2011)

# 1: Maruti Alto (small)
# 2: Maruti Swift (small)
# 3: Maruti Wagon R (small)
# 4: Hyundai i10 (small)
# 5: Maruti Swift Dzire (small)
# 6: Maruti Omni (van)
# 7: Mahindra Bolero (SUV)
# 8: Hyundai i20 (small)
# 9: Hyundai Santro (small)
# 10: Tata Nano (small)

What does this tell us?

Simply put the Indian appetite for smaller cars does explain quite a lot of the hype around the small car genre which has captured the market in the last few years. Indian drivers are using the cars for short hops and city run-arounds. With their fuel efficiency and relatively lower maintenance costs they fit in well when one considers the relatively tighter road network and higher traffic problems of the subcontinent. It must also be noted that as production of these vehicle types increases the relative costs of producing individual vehicles can also come down. This leads me to think that if the Indians continue to make large volumes of small vehicles they may come to pioneer the production of this class and subsequently export more small vehicles, potentially for the Australian market.

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Could this all mean less expensive small cars in future?

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