Holden’s Incredible Hulk

This year Edward Norton and Lou Farigno aren’t the only one showing off some green muscle. Holden’s new ‘MY10’ Commodore takes a progressive step away from previous gas guzzling models with a greener, more powerful 210kw engine. Who says that the environmentally friendly driver has to sip chai latte and drive a Hybrid?

Holden’s new SIDI technology (Spark Ignition Direct Injection) reduces previous carbon emission rates by a whopping 12%. This allows those of us who don’t like anything less than six cylinders to sleep well knowing we don’t raise sea level every time we overtake a hybrid.

The most astonishing outcome of this new technology is that it improves the Commodore to a 4 star green rating on the government green vehicle guide, outstripping the latest Mazda 3, Toyota Corolla and Ford Falcon. This will have small car manufacturers shaking in their boots with the MY10 offering the space, comfort and power of a family sedan with the fuel bill of a small car (9.3l/100km). That also means families don’t have to cram into a tiny 4 cylinder matchbox to save on rising fuel costs.

Automotive Industry Minister Kim Carr captured it well at the MY10 press release; “Families are not getting any smaller. This country is not getting any smaller. People want the freedom to travel in comfort; however they need the fuel efficiency of a much smaller vehicle and the traditional costs that go with that. Well now they can have both, size and the (lower) operating costs.”

Holden HulkThe cherry on top is that Holden are carrying over their current pricing structure, with RRP increases only for the Omega and Berlina Models (up $700.00). With innovations like these Holden really can say that they ‘Go Better’! Look out for this green monster from September 2009 onwards. In the meantime check out www.holden.com.au/pages/sidi for more info on the MY10.

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