5 steps to reduce fleet emissions

The prospect of saving on operating costs and reducing your carbon footprint is too good to pass up. By implementing these five simple steps you can reduce your fleet overheads while enhancing your company’s environmental image.

1. Measure Your Fleet – Obtain an accurate picture of you current emissions rate. Gaining a clear and accurate picture of your company’s current emission output is obviously the first step in reducing carbon emissions and saving your companies running costs. Carbon Neutral offers a fleet emissions calculator that is free to use and gives a good estimate of your companies’ total emissions.

2. Optimise Your Fleet – Take a look at your company’s current fleet and set targets on emission reductions. For example if coming up to a fleet renewal using the Australian Government green vehicle guide. If your sales force currently had Mitsubishi Lancers as their fleet vehicle a quick calculation of small four door cars reveals that the Ford Focus ($22,490) uses 2.2L less per 100km than the Lancer ($20,990).

3. Optimise Your Drivers – Monash University recently published a comprehensive list of driving techniques to reduce petrol consumption and carbon emissions. Techniques like using your handbrake, removing roof racks and remaining calm (seriously) all increase fuel efficiency. A practical guide can be found at Edmunds.com. By showing your workforce tips such as these, employees who operate your fleet will reduce their petrol consumption and also reduce their personal petrol costs; it’s a win-win situation. If you do implement an internal education campaign remember to make sure it’s a company wide initiative so even those without fleet car’s can benefit.

4. Set Benchmarks – Aim for an annual percentage reduction in emissions each year. Schedule an annual review of your company’s emission rates and adjust your companies’ fleet management policies accordingly.

5. Offset the Rest – There are many carbon offset schemes whereby you can purchase trees from providers that will offset your total CO2 emissions. For example eco-fleet works with corporate clients and Conservation Volunteers Australia to optimise companies’ current fleet management policies and offset their remaining emissions through ground level environmental projects.

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