How to get 10 cents off per litre of fuel

With Australia being the sixth largest country in the world geographically - spanning over 810,000km of road, us Australians rely heavily on our cars to get us around on a daily basis. With fuel prices likely to only increase and a heavy reliance on our vehicles, Australians need to be savvy when it comes to saving on fuel. Fortunately - there are several ways to save significantly, even up to 10 cents off every litre.

Know your city’s discounting cycle

Knowing your city’s fuel discounting cycle can save you hundreds over the course of a year. Fuel discounting cycles are a cause of service station operators aggressively discounting the cost of fuel to attract new customers. Discounting cycles occur when the cost of fuel shifts from a low point, then rise again significantly to a high point, then decline back to a low point where the discounting cycle starts again. Petrol discounting cycles vary from city to city, so familiarising yourself with your city’s cycle can save you hundreds. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) publishes up-to-date graphs of Australia’s capital cities’ fuel cycles, with information on which day of the week typically has the cheapest fuel, and how many days it is to the next lowest fuel price.

Take advantage of fuel pricing apps

If you’re serious about saving and are seriously short on time, downloading one of the many fuel pricing apps on your smart phone will mean that you’re only a few taps away from saving. Apps such as MotorMouth, Fuel Map Australia and GasBuddy allow you to simply type in your postcode or specify your location, to be presented with a map or list of fuel station prices in your local area. Some apps also send personalised alerts on the cheapest fuel in your surrounding suburbs, directly to your email. That way you can make informed decisions about where you’re going to fill your car to get the most bang for your buck.

Discount vouchers

Getting the best value when paying for fuel can be as simple as a swipe of a rewards card at the register, which can mean a save of 4-5 cents per litre all just for doing your weekly shopping. Do be weary of discounts at ‘participating’ grocery stores only, and minimum spend schemes, which can leave you disappointed and paying full-price for fuel at the service station register. And if juggling all of your rewards cards and fumbling around in your wallet isn’t worth the discount, apps such as Stocard allow you to store all of your loyalty cards in one app so a discount is just a swipe of your smart phone away.

Get 10 cents off per litre of fuel

While all these options are great ways to save money on fuel, it can be exhausting and not to mention time consuming trying to keep track of the cheapest fuel prices, driving kilometres to the cheapest fuel station and praying your rewards card has enough points as it’s being scanned at the cashier. If all this sounds like too much time and effort, Fleetcare’s latest Novated Lease offer gives you 10 cents off per litre of fuel for the length of your Novated Lease if you sign up for a Novated Lease in November 2016.

Find out more

Find out more

This means that you’ll no longer have to drive kilometres searching for the cheapest fuel, a perfect option for those of us who are strapped for time. To find out more about this offer click here, or fill out the form on this page to sign up and start saving.

As Australians our heavy reliance on our cars means costs associated with travel aren’t limited to the price of fuel. If you’re serious about saving, a Novated Lease is the best way to flatten your costs and save thousands. Some of the tax benefits and savings of a Novated Lease may include:

  • Saving on your car purchase price
  • Cutting vehicle operating costs
  • Smoothing your budget
  • Reducing your income tax
  • Not paying GST

You can learn more about novated leasing here or contact Fleetcare here to find out more.

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