Hate Speed Cameras? You'll Really Hate This One!

Some people just hate speed cameras, those sneaky invisible roadside enforcers that relentlessly snap away, dispensing speeding fines with silent aggravating efficiency.

In fact some people hate them with such a passion they’ve been known to hit them with hammers and other heavy things, park in front of them and even run over them with four wheel drives. Tut-tut. Naughty!

Well they’d better not try it with the latest law enforcer from Germany. The Vitronic Enforcement Trailer looks a little like the front end of a Stealth Bomber and could best be described as Germanic in the seriousness of its engineering intent.

Hi-tech and unrelenting

This trailer-from-hell uses laser-based Lidar technology to ping speeding motorists across several lanes of traffic simultaneously. It can even adjust for different classes of vehicles and varying speed limits throughout the day. And it’s unrelenting in its enthusiasm for the task. Once towed into position by any vehicle with a towbar it will quietly and efficiently dispense hi-tech motoring misery for five days straight without a walloper in sight.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Hey that’s easily fixed – just sneak up on it and tow it away to the tip, ha ha!”

Not so fast!

While it’s sitting there doling out automated justice it retracts its wheels. And you can forget about tipping it over or pushing it aside. It has a motion detector and a built in alarm with a Wi-Fi connection to tell Constable Plod that someone’s up to mischief. In short, it aint going nowhere!

Hitting it with large heavy objects Basil Fawlty-style is equally futile because the vicious bastard has a bulletproof shell. Even the glass in front of the lens is bulletproof!

Sacré bleu!

The gendarmes in France have obviously fallen in love with it already because they’ve ordered 150 of them so they can punish Pierre for charging down the Champs Elysees in his Renaultsport Megane. Sacré bleu!

Unlike their French counterparts, errant Aussie motorists can relax for the moment. As yet there are no plans to bring the beast down under, which will come as quite a relief to those whose right foot is a little on the heavy side.

Photo credit: Victronic

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