Top tips to spot a bad novated lease provider

Novated leases are the perfect way to get your hands on the vehicle you’ve always wanted, offering great savings and carefree motoring while your novated lease provider takes care of all those boring details for you.

But not all novated leases are created equal, and while the right one will have you heading smoothly down the right road in the years to come, the wrong choice could see you heading down a long, winding, bumpy road pitted with unexpected potholes.

1. Pushy sales people

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Your troubles could start very early – right from the word “go” in fact, when a pushy sales person sells you the car that suits their sales commission, rather than the car that best suits your needs. Once that shiny new car feeling starts fading you’ll be stuck with a car that’s never quite right for you, and potentially stuck with it for quite some time.

Fleetcare along with a small number of other providers, are fully independent and are not tied to financiers, car companies or any other external stakeholders. Independence is important during the signup stage as it can make a big difference in repayments, vehicle choice and service network.

2. Unadvertised and unqualified discounts mean higher long-term costs

Some less-than-honest novated leases may lure you with the promise of generous sounding unadvertised and unqualified discounts. That might sound like a great idea initially, but the sweet promise of saving money short term may sour over the long term when you’re faced with on-going maintenance costs that are way higher than they should be.

While pricing is important it’s always smarter to choose a provider who carefully works out your vehicle usage. This will put you and your novated lease provider in a better position to organise your repayments with no unpleasant surprises.

3. Poor service/roadside/supplier networks

Some novated leases promise plenty but their hopelessly inadequate service network leads to maintenance and service costs that are higher than they should be.

Providers with comprehensive servicing networks and discounts can assist here. Fleetcare’s for example have an unrivalled network of over 10,000 authorised suppliers keeping you on the road with the minimum of cost and hassle, while maximising your resale value.

4. Poor online access

High maintenance costs are frequently made worse by lousy online access that mismanages your lease and leads to overdue servicing and other problems. Poor novated lease management can also lead to payments and expenses arriving at the very last minute.

Take the time to research your provider and their online offering to make sure you’re not caught out.

5. Unrealistic quotes that don't add up

A quote for a novated lease based on dishonest figures can keep on costing you right through to the end of your lease in out-of-pocket expenses and higher monthly instalments. For this reason it’s always a good idea to focus on providers with a good track record and a real commitment to honesty during the quoting process.

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