No fees. No fuss. Just Fuel

To celebrate 25 years of Fleetcare we have come up with a special offer that is virtually unheard of – a company fuel card with no fees attached!

Besides giving your drivers access to one of Australia’s major oil companies, it’s a way of replacing the constant stream of invoices with one monthly fuel statement. And unlike a credit card there are no annual fees, no transaction fees and no surcharges – we don’t even charge you to replace a lost or stolen card.

What you do get is access to our cutting edge reporting facility that allows you to track odometer readings and monitor fuel consumption in real time. You can also update employee details, check invoices and spot any anomalies at the touch of a button – without having to bury yourself in paperwork.

Because the offer is so good, it’s only available to the first 2,500 vehicles that sign up (to coincide with our 25th anniversary). So if you want to free up your time and be in control of your fuel costs, you need to act quickly.

Five quick fuel facts:

  1. To meet Australian demand, around 40% of petrol is imported - mostly from Asia and particularly Singapore.
  2. The strange smell of natural gas (like rotten eggs) comes from a chemical that natural gas companies add called Mercaptan. This is added so leaks can be easily detected.
  3. Crude oil, petrol and diesel are different products and are bought and sold in their own markets. Each market is typically regionally-based and there are linkages and transactions between regional markets to balance global supply and demand.
  4. At the start of World War II, Australia only had sufficient petrol for three months' normal consumption.
  5. Fossil fuel energy consumption  in Australia was 93.75% as of 2011. Its highest percentage over the past 51 years was 94.41% in 2009, while its lowest percentage was 85.91% in 1960.

Find out more

Find out more

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Terms and conditions

  1. This offer is available to new Fleetcare customers only for a minimum of 12 months from the sign up date.
  2. Fleetcare reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time without prior notice and will be automatically cancelled when we sign up 2,500 vehicles.
  3. This offer is subject to availability.

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