The benefits of fleet management reporting

When running a large corporate fleet, or even a smaller fleet as part of a small to medium enterprise, it can sometimes be an information overload – fuel receipts, odometer readings, and service logs can all stack up and cost your business time and money. By outsourcing your fleet management services and using a reporting software package, you can keep up to date and in control of your fleet. Reporting can offer countless benefits to your fleet and make your life exponentially easier – this article outlines the top benefits of why a fleet management reporting system is worth the investment.

Access information on your fleet 24/7

Arguably the greatest benefit of using reporting software is having all of your fleet’s information at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Being able to access both high-level and complex data regarding your fleet at the click of a mouse provides many benefits – it allows you to closely monitor your fleet’s kilometres and fuel usage, and can help you spot anomalies as soon as they occur to minimise fraud. In the case of GPS vehicle tracking, 24/7 information becomes even more beneficial as fleet managers can be quickly alerted if a vehicle travels out of designated areas and times, or enters a restricted area.

Update your own information

Another advantage of reporting software is the ability to update information about your fleet whenever you need to. This not only saves you having to call your fleet management provider and wait for the information to be added or changed, but also means you can ensure that all your fleet details are always correct.

Download customised reports

The ability to download customised reports is a must for fleet reporting, so you can share and effectively make use of the data. Being able to customise and download tailored exception, fuel efficiency and finance reports saves you the hassle of compiling the data yourself, and gives a quick overview of your current fleet status. Having all of these reporting tools available is very important when mapping out the best way forward for your fleet.

Improve fleet efficiencies

Using advanced software to examine fleet efficiencies is a tangible benefit that many fleet managers will see real fleet cost improvements from. Specialised reporting functions in some packages including Fleetcare’s Fleetmanager allow you to measure fuel consumption on different routes, so journeys can be better planned to cut costs.

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Final thoughts

Fleet management reporting may seem inconvenient and at times expensive when looking at initial setup costs. However, your return on investment will quickly exceed your expectations when reporting is used to its fullest potential. Choosing the right fleet management reporting system will benefit any size fleet, and can be tailored to monitor any aspect of your fleet. To find out more about Fleetcare’s powerful fleet reporting tool Fleetmanager, visit our website

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