Vehicle colour choice- impacts on depreciation and visibility

Kirsten Brent | 30/11/2012 2:02:49 PM

Choosing a colour for your new car is one of the most exciting aspects of buying a vehicle. Everyone has a different method when choosing their car’s colour – do you pick your favourite colour, or be practical and choose a common shade? This article focusses on the latter, as colour selection can actually affect your vehicle and safety in ways that may not be initially obvious.   Depreciation Most people don’t often think about car colour in relation to a ...

Summertime sadness- Heat related car problems

Rory Deegan – Online Marketing Executive | 23/11/2012 2:22:42 PM

Ah the summertime, a time when we sing lyrics like “when the living is easy”, “when the weather is high” and “Time to sit back and unwind”. Well, that’s all well and good, but what about those heat related vehicle problems, do we have a song for that? Sadly there is very little demand for a songs compelling us to check our tyres and cooling system, so we suppose a blog post will have to do. Jokes aside, heat related vehicle problems really do have the...

Tips on driver training and education

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Executive | 9/11/2012 2:34:07 PM

Right, so let’s get one thing straight right from the start. This is not an article about learning how to drive or learning how to drive in a new type vehicle like a motorbike or a heavy goods vehicle. This is an article all about education and training courses you may want to think about to get the most value from your fleet and fleet drivers. Equipping drivers with additional driving skills can mean the difference between cars and people in recovery or sales and delivery people on the...

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