Holden Barina Spark - An ideal first car

Do you remember your first car? I imagine some people would not have many pleasant recollections of their first bought as a teenager. However, the stereotype of the first car is fast approaching a revolution. This week at Fleetcare, we have had the amazing opportunity to cruise around in the new Holden Barina Spark for a whole week. The low price is definitely the first draw card, but delving further than first glance we found many more.


With a chic appearance oozing in style, the Barina Spark will definitely capture the attention of young women in the market for their first car.  While it conveys a slightly smaller appearance than most city cars, it definitely does not translate into the interior. The Spark, at first glance looks a bit like a 3-door car with the back door handles innovatively integrated on the sides of the back window (which I thought was very quirky!). The short bonnet also made for extremely easy parking.


With the small car appearance, I had imagined a compact and uncomfortable interior. However this perception was eradicated once sitting into the vehicle - the Spark is definitely one to boast room for comfort. In the midst of the sleek interior design lies the large front windscreen providing the driver with an excellence view of the road.  There were also easy, simple to use dash-board features, which is a plus if you're not a fan of overly ‘gadgety’ car arrangements. It has all the mod cons without an overly populated and distracting dash.

The Drive:

While the drive was enjoyable, it is what you would expect from an engine of that size. The ride was reasonably smooth and capable of handling wet weather. However, because the Spark only weighs 950kg, it does not feel like the most stable drive in the world. As the Spark drives down the freeway, it almost sways with the breeze! In addition, the speed and power of the Spark definitely does not feel more than that of its 1.2L engine. It wasn’t a major issue but I did notice it when pulling out in traffic or trying to build speed on the freeway.


This is one of the major winners for the Spark. Holden advertises a fuel economy of 5.4L/100km, however as it turns out, the Spark has a better fuel economy than publicised. We discovered this positive discrepancy when our team at Fleetcare calculated it, the usage turned out to be only 4.3L/100km!


Perhaps the Spark's safety features is the most praiseworthy aspect of all. What’s really impressive is that the CD base model boasts all the safety and control & handling features of the higher CDX model (6 airbags, ESC and ABS as standard), a practice that is not standard in this industry of ours. This means you don’t have to spend extra in order to feel safe when you’re driving the Holden Barina Spark! The safety ratings are well earned, receiving a 4 star safety rating by Euro NCAP. Holden have done really well in appealing to their target market with this aspect of the Spark.

Not only is the low price of the Holden Barina Spark proving to be a magnetic component in attracting female first car buyers, but the eye-catching and stylish design is a definite plus! The Spark is perfect for young females desiring a runabout car within the city.

Have you test drove the Spark? Would you consider it as a first car for you or a family member? Share your feedback below.

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