The fastest PR Job on Wheels

You’ll need more than just money to buy Ford’s latest hero hypercar, the 2017 Ford GT. You’ll need influence, social media smarts, public relations skills, a personal history with Ford and quite a bit of luck. But you will need money – lots and lots of money - because the 2017 Ford GT will set you back somewhere north of US$400,000.

Buying a Ford GT is nowhere near as simple as marching into your nearest Ford dealer and handing over a cheque for all that money. With a strictly limited production run of around 1,000 cars worldwide, Ford want would-be owners to apply for one online to prove that their precious car is going to a good home. In this case a good home is a committed Ford fan with the capacity to tell the world how great Fords are and what a great car the Ford GT is.

In order to prove your credentials Ford’s online questionnaire want you to “briefly describe your role as a public influencer” then provide details of your online profiles, blog posts, videos and audience demographics. They then ask you to testify as to why you’d be “a good Ford GT owner” in a 60-second video on YouTube or Vimeo.

Unpaid PR hack

Or in other words, Ford wants you to part with over US$400,000 for the privilege of owning their very impressive product while working as an unpaid PR hack for them. It more-or-less says so in the fine print of the terms and conditions of entering the competition. Pretty cheeky eh?

So what do you get for your US$400,000? Well awesome performance for a start. It’s powered by a 3.5 litre twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6 pumping out more than 600 horsepower through a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. It’s also got the latest in carbon-ceramic brakes to haul it up from somewhere approaching the speed of sound. And of course that lightweight carbon fibre body looks absolutely fantastic.

But apart from the performance the other thing you get for all that money and unpaid PR commitment is unrivalled motoring cred. The Ford GT pays homage to Ford’s legendary GT40, the 1960s classic which Ford promised would knock off Ferrari in the 24 hour Le Mans, and which did so four times in a row. The new Ford GT promises to be much rarer, far more exotic and infinitely more desirable than any common-as-muck Lamborghini Puccini or a mere Ferrari Gofasterossa.

Not for Aaron Sandilands

There’s just one possible catch. Tall people probably shouldn’t bother applying, because the Ford GT is just 1,130 mm off the ground. So while the Fremantle Dockers’ gigantic 211cm ruckman, Aaron Sandilands, could probably afford it and might just, just be able to squeeze into it, getting out might prove quite a challenge, and an undignified one at that.


Grant Denyer’s dream car

So it’s probably not a car for the likes of Aaron Sandilands, though it might prove the perfect set of wheels for Grant Denyer, the smiling host of Family Feud. Now here’s a bloke who surely ticks all the boxes for Ford. As a hard working TV celebrity he’s certainly got the money; he’s driven Ford Falcons in V8 Supercar races with some success; the PR duties would be a cinch; and of course topping out at 165cm, so getting in and out of the beast would be a source of pleasure, rather than embarrassment.

So all-in-all Mr Denyer, if you just care to fill in this online questionnaire, I’m sure Ford have the perfect car just waiting for you.

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