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We had the opportunity recently to sit down with one of our Business Development Managers, Wade Gardiner, to find out more about his role and how our Business Development Managers work with new client opportunities and their client portfolio.  Wade joined the Fleetcare team nearly a year ago and is a great asset to our sales team.  Here is what Wade had to say.

1. What does your day in sales usually consist of?

A day in sales never stops; a normal day consists of searching for new clients, organising/attending meetings, preparing proposals and presentations as well as responding to leads provided by our internal sales team.  The sales environment is awesome, there’s always something different happening so day to day there’s a lot of variety.

2. Who do you mostly deal with on a day to day basis?

Internally I deal with the Fleet Co-ordinators regularly as they know their clients better than anyone and am best placed to advise me of any upcoming opportunities, or customer insights. Externally, I meet and speak with all levels of management ranging from Receptionists and Fleet Managers through to Financial Controllers, CFO’s and CEO’s.

3. Explain your role to me?

My role in Fleetcare as a Business Development Manager is not only to bring in new sales, but also to retain and grow our existing client portfolio. From a sales perspective it’s about bringing new clients to Fleetcare and giving them all the opportunities to gain value from our products, services, people and experience to benefit their business. The other side of my role is Relationship Management, which is important as it provides our clients another level within the business as well as someone to meet with. In both these roles you are continuously looking for ways to improve fleet efficiencies, reduce costs and to ensure that the overall experience with Fleetcare is enjoyable and easy.

4. What is your favourite part about working for Fleetcare sales?

My favourite part is being able to meet new and existing clients and work with them to find solutions tailored to their business needs.

5. Tell us about your work background.

 I have been in the Fleet Industry now for around 9 years across various organisations. Prior to Fleet, I was a Securities Specialist dealing with the registration and removal of ASIC charges, caveats and REVS across equipment and vendor finance.

6. What is your favourite vehicle?

Audi R8

7. What is your favourite sport and who do you support?

Baseball is my favourite sport. The New York Yankees are my favourite team

8. Tell us a funny work moment?

A Funny moment was watching the after effects of a colleague drink vase water at a Christmas party and coming off second best.

Our sales team is always here to help with any questions or queries you may have. To get in touch with our sales team, you can click here to fill out our contact us form or call 1300 655 170.

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