A little maintenance prevents a winter of discontent

Jess Wallace | 26/03/2015 12:58:20 PM

With summer on the run and the colder, wetter days of winter looming, your thoughts may be turning to holidays in the snow, weekend getaways in the country or the blast of the siren heralding the start of another footy season.  Car maintenance probably isn’t uppermost in your mind at this time, is it? Well despite that it’s worth giving it some thought, because a bit of attention now can prevent a winter of discontent over the coming months.  Windscreen Wipers ...

Tesla Model S – The game changer

Jess Wallace | 23/03/2015 9:26:06 AM

Both a motor and a technology company, Tesla is set to make a big impression in the Australian automotive industry. Co-founded by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, Marc Tarpenning, JB Straubel and Ian Wright, Tesla is here to change the way Australians think of electric cars and push forward the future dynamics of the automotive industry.  A bit about Tesla Tesla Motors entered into the electric automotive industry in 2006. Its first vehicle – a Roadster, was an all-electric modi...

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Novated Lease - FBT Rates Guide by Fleetcare

Jayde Ferguson | 6/03/2015 1:29:18 PM

What do Fringe Benefits Tax Rates Mean for Novated Leases? The Novated Lease Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) has been the talk over the last few years as the rates on company vehicles have increased. Whilst these rate changes in the last four years have had a positive long-term outcome in mind, the initial increases have been a frustrating out of pocket expense for many. Since the release of the initial budget change back in 2011, Novated Lease FBT rates have amplified from 7% to 20%. As a r...