Saloon or sedan - vehicle types explained

Kirsten Brent | 22/03/2013 2:43:24 PM

When it comes to vehicles these days, buyers have so much choice. The same can be said for vehicle types – buyers are spoilt for choice, with everything from subcompact city cars all the way up to people movers. Whatever your needs, chances are you’ll find the perfect vehicle to fulfil your requirements. However, all this choice has also lead to some confusion about which vehicles fall into which categories, and what the vehicle type actually means. We decided to look at vehicle type...

The death of a car brand – 5 interesting car brand obituaries

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Executive | 1/03/2013 1:21:15 PM

Look online for dead car brands and you’ll see something remarkable; there’s hundreds of them. Hundreds of people throughout the years have built interesting but ultimately doomed car brands. Some have lasted more than a lifetime and some have barley even got their first car off the assembly line. After looking at the phenomenon we decided to make a list of the 5 most interesting car brand deaths. From the spectacular to the slow and painful we’ve covered a good number of to...

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