Going green – The next steps to a greener fleet

Fleetcare Maintenance and Government Teams with Rory Deegan | 15/03/2012 11:36:28 AM

The 24th of June 2010 was a big day for Australia. Julia Gillard was sworn into office with the help of a handful of independents and, most importantly, the Australian Green Party. Suddenly ambitious green policies become a real prospect. Tax concessions for green fleet managers are currently thin on the ground however in the current political environment this may not remain the case. While the concept of including car drivers in any carbon policy is not currently on the table it is still ver...

Route planning - Your directions to lower costs

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 8/03/2012 11:43:20 AM

We all know the feeling, you’re on a road, in the middle of nowhere, with some very poor directions. You’ve been trying to coordinate both your map and your notes, but things are not going well. While satellite navigation systems have eliminated a lot of the problems in this area, it is still relatively easy to get lost. Proper route planning has never been easier but in a strange twist of fate its seems that the skill itself is dying out. This week we look at some smart ways to s...

"Must drive better" - A guide to motivating your fleet drivers

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 1/03/2012 11:54:30 AM

Like any matter of the mind, motivation and its causes is a highly debated and at times confusing subject matter. As a fleet manager motivating drivers and other stakeholders to do the right thing, or avoid the wrong thing can be a real challenge. Providing the carrot can be difficult now that costs are tight and constantly using the stick becomes meaningless once it’s overused. So what are fleet managers to do?   Motivate to do the right thing Here fleet mangers need to ...

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