Australian auto industry faces some speed bumps

Laura Taylor - Marketing Assistant | 18/03/2011 2:44:54 PM

As the devastating news of an earthquake and subsequent tsunami hitting Japan came across TV screens all over the world, so too did the images of the damage and catastrophe it had left behind. One of the scenes saw the new cars that were at the dock ready to be shipped overseas instead being dragged away by a strong and powerful wave. It soon became obvious that these terrible events weren’t just restricted to this one country, but they were going to affect the world, in more ways then ...

Does green really equal clean?

Laura Taylor - Marketing Assistant | 10/03/2011 2:47:29 PM

Over the last few years we’ve seen the introduction of the ‘green’ car by the majority of large car manufacturers. The new way to show that you are doing your bit for the environment has been to get yourself one of these machines. Not only are you cutting your CO2 emissions, but you’re also getting more km’s out of your tank. Now really, who doesn’t like that? When you need to get somewhere (particularly a fair distance away) do you think “how muc...

Hyundai i40 Targets Fleet Market

John Hutchison | 4/03/2011 3:06:35 PM

The new Hyundai i40 has made its world public debut in Geneva this week.  In a recent news release from the BBC, Hyundai is looking to venture into the European fleet market with its new i40 series eco-friendly vehicle.   Features The i40 model and has been developed specifically for the European market and maintains the signature features from the i-range. In terms of performance Hyundai has placed a 140 HP 1.6L GDI engine for the entry level, while the top of the range i...

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