Ford Say Goodbye to an Old Fleet Favourite the Falcon Wagon

Ford recently announced the deletion of the Ford Falcon Wagon by June, a fleet institution for large corporations such as Telstra. With no demand in the consumer market it’s been kept afloat by fleet sales since it’s the BA/BF models where released. Last year it only accounted for 2500 of the 31000 falcons sold in 2009 the majority of which came from business and government fleets.

Fleet buyers loved this car because of its large boot space, safety and drivability. Anyone could drive this car comfortably with a large load; especially for the likes of Telstra fleet drivers who needed to carry large amounts of electrical equipment and were one of the biggest Wagon patrons. The move to Mondeo means Ford have to match the functionality of the BF III wagon and build on the outdated styling and specifications.

On recent discussions with large fleet & government buyers Ford were confident that the new Diesel Mondeo Wagon could satisfy the safety, load space, power and resale requirements of current Falcon wagon fleet patrons.

Ford Australia’s President Marin Burela believes the new Mondeo wagon will be both a “tool of the trade and a very contemporary, lifestyle, family vehicle”. Suiting both the work and play side of fleet drivers.

It is being positioned as a direct competitor for the Holden Sportswagon with a surprising 715kg payload compared to the Omega wagons 480kg. The Mondeo also has significant technology benefits over the Omega with voice controlled audio, 8 speaker stereo and better fuel efficiency. Naturally Ford isn't holding back with a link to a direct comparison between the Mondeo Wagon & Omega Sportwagon on the front page of their website. The results will be interesting to say the least with this intuitive power move from Ford. Their bullish marketing strategies seemed to pay off for the Focus marketing campaign pitting it directly against the Corolla but the results will be seen for Mondeo come Q3.

Either way this year marks the end for an Australian fleet institution, the good old Ford Falcon Wagon. Taxi drivers and Telstra employees across Australia will no doubt mourn the loss.

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