Motoring joy on a novated lease

One of the many great things about novated leases is that you get to choose the car you want. For many of us that’s a sensible set of practical family wheels for hauling the kids round on the weekends, doing the shopping and heading to the bush for holidays.

But for more adventurous types the lure of owning a sports car proves irresistible. Well the good news is that the price of many sports cars has actually come down quite markedly, making the prospect of a bit of motoring excitement on a novated lease decidedly affordable.

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Take the superb Mazda MX5, for example. The newly released “ND” model starts from just $31,990 plus on road costs, compared to the previous “NC” model, which had an entry price of just under $50,000. It’s an extraordinary reduction in anyone’s language and even more remarkable considering the first generation of this legendary Japanese sports car was $29,990 in 1989.

The new model is not only cheaper than its predecessor, it’s lighter and greener as well. The MX5 has always been more about enjoyment than sheer power, and its 96kW motor and six speed gearbox delivers that in spades.

Even cheaper than the Mazda is the Toyota 86 GT at $29,990 plus on road costs. There may be faster cars on the road but the Toyota 86 offers wonderful driving dynamics, looks great and is undoubtedly a bargain.

Hyundai is also getting into the price cutting act, knocking $3,000 off the price of its quirkily designed Veloster SR Turbo, which is now also $29,990. The Hyundai’s 150kw of power just edges the Toyota’s 147, but its healthy 265Nm of torque is way up on the Toyota’s 205Nm.

While the Hyundai is probably more practical as a daily drive and slightly faster in a straight line, the Toyota offers better driving dynamics and just loves to be driven flat out – it’s an affordable car for the sports car purist.

Whatever sports car you choose with your novated lease you can rest assured that they don’t build them like they used to. No longer are sports cars cold, draughty, cramped, uncomfortable and thoroughly unreliable. Today’s sports cars are all about sheer motoring joy, and that’s just how it should be.

If you’d like to put the fun back into your motoring please contact us today about how a novated lease can get you into that sports car you’ve wanted for a long time. Call us on 1300 777 600.

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