The car sales top 10 January to May 2013 – The year so far

Kirsten Brent | 21/06/2013 3:49:03 PM

One year is a long time in the world of the automotive industry – a lot can change in terms of popular models and sales figures. In what has become a tradition here at Fleetcare, midway through the year we examine the sales figures and make predictions about which models will be on top at the end of the year.  How do the 2013 sales figures differ from statistics taken at this time last year? We take a look at the state of play for the year so far and ponder what the sales chart wil...

Holden’s Battle against Cheap Import Cars

Kendall Broun - Marketing & Brand Manager | 7/06/2013 12:35:47 PM

The trend against locally made cars in Australia has been strong for quite some time, with buyers looking more favourably at cheaper imported models and there appears to be no sign of this abating. Australia’s strongest local car brand Holden, owned by General Motors, is finding it increasingly hard to compete with competitors, especially overseas manufacturers.  According to released this year, Australians bought more Hyundai vehicles than Holden in March 2013; something that...

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