Road safety initiatives in the spotlight - Western Australia

Rory Deegan - Online Marketing Coordinator | 15/06/2012 9:52:32 AM

“This is a very, very long ad, is it even an ad?” that was the response of a friend of mine to the recent Enjoy the ride ad from Road Safety WA. So is there real value in these adverts and the road safety initiatives behind them? Do they deliver on their spend? It has long been established that finding out what has been causing the gradual decrease in road fatalities is close to impossible. Everyone from the vehicle manufacturers to the roadside landscaping companies can claim tha...

Ten things you might not have known about ANCAP

Michael Hunt and Rory Deegan | 8/06/2012 10:08:41 AM

Have you ever seen those little stars at the bottom of a car review? Ok, so you know what they are, and you know they're from ANCAP (Australasian New Car Assessment Program) but have you any idea of the ins and outs of how cars are tested? While many will have seen the super slow-mo collisions, not many will have heard some of the intricate details of the tests. This week we look for ten of the most interesting elements behind these important tests and how they are run.    ...

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