Extra! Extra! Our top ten optional vehicle extras

Ah the extras. From the inflatable aeroplane pillow to the marble counter top, they allow us to personalise and adapt to the world around us. They can be for safety, comfort or just for show. Whatever their purpose they play a big part in our lives and nowhere is this more evident than in the much discussed vehicle market. Vehicle extras have come a long way over the years, especially when you consider staples like seatbelts and airbags were once optional extras.

The top ten

After trawling though all the extras our customers go for and looking through all the extras available we compiled our top ten.  The choice criteria is simple, it’s all down to how useful the respective extras are.

1. Additional Airbags – While most are standard there can be occasions where additional bags can be added on. Going for these additional bags can literally be a life or death decision.
2. ABS, An anti-lock braking system – As surprising as it may sound this does not always come as standard. The best advice here would be to research the full rundown of the standard safety features before going to showrooms.
3. Stability control – Like ABS this may not be standard. Also like ABS you really need to research this before you buy.
4. Full-size spare tyre – Space saving wheels are a pain. In most cases you can’t exceed 80km per hour. With this in mind, getting a full sized spare makes a lot of sense.
5. Collision avoidance technology – These are new to the market and can cover areas like blind spot detection, head on and lateral collisions as well as adaptive cruise control. They are impressive and may turn out to be our generations seatbelts.
6. Remote start – This is one of the more gadgety entries which reminds us all of a certain nocturnal superhero. Gadgety or not, you’ll appreciate this feature on cold winter mornings.
7. Bluetooth – This is a great help and offers a real working alternative to the now illegal fiddling with phones during driving.
8. Floor mats – As boring as this may sound, you can guarantee that you’ll be thanking them when you attempt to re-sell your car. In short they save your car floor from the dreaded encrusted dirt which turns away buyers.
9. Rear camera/radar – These really are needed, especially in taller vehicles. If you need any convincing on this just look around and see how many vehicles drive around with ugly looking bumps on their backend. This becomes a problem at re-sale time.
10. Bull bars – There is a conflict here. While these are helpful in rural environments they can lead to unnecessary harm in urban areas. In either case the best thing to do is to get the bull bars direct from the vehicle manufacturer. This is because they are more likely to have been tested for compatibility with the vehicles airbags.

For novated lease holders and fleet managers

Novated Lease holders need to know that the best time to go for these extras is when you are making your purchase. Opting for them afterwards will mean that their cost cannot be accounted for in your pre-tax salary. This can make a big difference especially for the more expensive extras. For fleet managers it’s important that extras are managed centrally and that they are justifiable. The best approach here is to have some form of policy on acceptable add-ons as after all, the vehicle does belong to the company.

Final thoughts

Doing real, in-depth research on a new vehicle can seem very, very boring. For some (but not for all) trawling through all the differing websites and comparing features is confusing, as different manufacturers use different formats to explain and present vehicle features. As frustrating as this may seem it really does need to be done if you don’t want egg on your face come resale time.

Whats your top ten vehicle extras?

What do you think of our top ten?

Please comment below.

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