Suzuki Left off 'The First Car List'

Despite being under $15000, having 6 airbags, ESP & an ANCAP rating of 4 stars the Suzuki Alto was excluded from ‘The First Car List’, a government initiative aimed at getting young drivers in safer cars. Rather confusing considering a 1989 Peugeot 404 made it on the list. Nothing against Peugeot’s but which car would you feel safer in?

The reason for leaving the Alto off the list is that only second hand cars are allowed. Suzuki and other manufacturers are mystified why new cars that fit the criteria are left off the list. Surely if the objective is to provide drivers with safe cars under $15,000 then new cars that fit the criteria should be included?

first car list

Currently the Transport Accident Commission is pushing an advertising campaign encouraging buyers to purchase cars with 6 airbags & Electronic Stability Control. Their slogan reads, “If it doesn’t have Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and curtain airbags, cross it off your list”.

A bit of a contradiction considering only a handful of the cars on ‘The First Car List’ actually meet this safety criteria. Maybe they should cross off their own list & start again.

Is this just inconsistency from the road safety departments or has bureaucracy clouded their judgement? The primary objective of the list should be road safety for new car buyers.

So why not let new cars on the list & leave off the 1980’s European sports cars that are probably in worse shape than the shifty car dealer selling them.

Do you think the Alto should be on or off the list?

Do you think the list is safe?

Tell us what you think by commenting below.

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