The high cost of ignoring your car’s servicing

If money’s too tight to mention and your vehicle’s scheduled service is looming large then you may be thinking that stretching that service out a little longer may be a sensible budgeting measure.

Well think again, because the money you save on servicing in the short term can cost you heaps in the long term in many, many ways.

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Modern cars are extremely complex pieces of engineering and we ask a lot of them from day-to-day in sometimes difficult temperatures and conditions. Keeping them maintained is absolutely vital to keeping them working efficiently and reliably.

Lubrication is particularly important. Oil loses its lubricating ability over time, potentially leading to expensive damage. That’s particularly true in the case of modern turbocharged diesel engines. Turbochargers can revolve at an astonishing 100,000 RPM or more – that’s 30 times faster than your diesel engine is spinning, so good lubrication is absolutely essential.

Maintaining tyres and brakes is even more crucial. Both are designed to wear, so replacing them on time is vital.

While car service intervals have increased in recent years that doesn’t mean that you can stretch things out. When you neglect servicing you decrease the value of your car because you reduce its serviceable life and its reliability. Cars that are well maintained last longer, run better, are safer and more reliable and hold their value better.

Well-serviced cars and resale value

Think about it: what’s the first thing a potential buyer does when looking to buy a used vehicle? They check its service record. Cars with a full service record are worth more and easier to sell.

The cost of neglected servicing doesn’t end there, because badly serviced cars can cost you money in ways you probably haven’t even thought about. If your car slams into the back of another vehicle at an intersection because your badly maintained brakes have failed, your insurance company might be reluctant to cover the damage to both vehicles, leaving you with a potentially crippling bill. It happens.

But even worse, neglecting maintenance can kill. Adelaide trucking company boss, Peter Colbert, was recently found guilty of manslaughter after brake failure on one of his trucks led to the death of his driver, Robert Brimson.

How does servicing work on a novated lease?

Happily, a Fleetcare novated lease takes the hassle and expense out of servicing your car, guaranteeing that you get the quality service your car deserves in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications.

Simply log in to the Fleetcare novated portal on your computer or our mobile friendly app and you can choose from a range of over 10,000 approved repairers across Australia. There’s bound to be one near you. You can rest assured they’re all quality checked with pre-negotiated labour rates. We’ll even look after the paperwork for you. You’ll also find full details of your vehicle’s service are just a touch of a button away on the Fleetcare portal.

Best of all, maintenance and repair costs are all included in your novated lease and discounted upfront, guaranteeing that servicing your car will always be efficient and affordable.

You’ll find servicing your car is as easy as dropping it in to any of our authorised repairers and telling them you’re a Fleetcare customer. They’ll ring us and we’ll do the rest. What could be simpler?

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