Save now with a Novated Lease

Jess Wallace | 28/07/2014 3:58:24 PM

When you take out a Fleetcare novated lease you don’t just get a great deal on any new or used vehicle; you get discounts on fuel, maintenance and repairs – plus free roadside assistance. And because everything is taken care of in one regular payment from your pre-tax salary, you have no out-of-pocket expenses and pay less tax. At Fleetcare we take care of the price negotiations on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about pushy salesmen or out-of-pocket expenses. Wi...

10 facts about the Nullarbor Plain

Jess Wallace | 18/07/2014 1:08:58 PM

The Nullarbor Plain, famously known as the longest stretch of straight road in the world, is a piece of Australia which few of us cross and many of us don’t seem to know a lot about. Here we share with you ten things you may not know about the Nullarbor. The road which people drive across the Nullarbor Plain is called the Eyre Highway. This stretch of road originally got its name from a man named John Eyre who crossed the Nullarbor in 1841. The Eyre Highway is ap...

Novated leasing handy tips

Jess Wallace | 16/07/2014 4:27:40 PM

View the novated leasing handy tips. Novated leasing handy tips from Fleetcare. ...

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