Top 10 car series; Brazil’s top selling cars UPDATE 2012 & 2013

In 2011 we took a look at the top ten selling cars in Brazil and marvelled at how their economy was booming in the face of the global economic meltdown. Brazil's economy has gone from strength to strength since our last article. This is even more evident when looking at the countries car sales figures.

The new car market in Brazil was up 6% year-on-year in 2012, placing it as the 4th largest car market in the world. The country saw a record breaking 3,634,421 new car registrations, and August 2012 saw Brazil’s biggest automobile sales month in history. So just how much has the top ten changed since 2011? We break down the 2012 full year figures and take a look to see how Brazil’s car sales are tracking so far in 2013.

2012 Car Sales

  Model Number Sold Size
1 VW Gol (It is really called the VW Gol) 293,293 Small
2 Fiat Uno 255,838 Small
3 Fiat Palio 186,384 Small
4 VW Fox/CrossFox 167,685 Small
5 Chevrolet Celta 137,617 Small
6 Fiat Strada 117,455 Pick-up
7 Ford Fiesta Hatch 113,546 Small
8 Fiat Siena 103,547 Medium
9 Chevrolet Corsa Sedan 98,551 Medium
10 Renault Sandero 98,442 Medium

There are several key points about the 2012 top ten – Like 2011, small and medium cars dominate the market with only one pickup in the Fiat Strada breaking up the mix. The top two from 2011 remains unchanged up until the end of June 2013, with the VW Gol and Fiat Uno sitting pretty in first and second spots respectively.

There were several new entrants to the top ten in 2012, most significantly the low cost small car, the VW Fox/Cross Fox, which debuted in 4th spot. The biggest fall within the top ten came with the Chevrolet Corsa Sedan, which dropped from 4th in 2011 to 9th in 2012, with Brazilians preferring the cars budget version, the Celta.

2013 Car Sales - January to June

  Model Number Sold Size
1 VW Gol 121,355 Small
2 Fiat Uno 96,507 Small
3 Fiat Palio 90,743 Small
4 VW Fox/CrossFox 67,171 Small
5 Fiat Strada 62,026 Pick-up
6 Hyundai HB20 61,839 Small
7 Chevrolet Onix 58,523 Small
8 Fiat Siena 55,962 Medium
9 Ford Fiesta Hatch 54,613 Small
10 VW Voyage 48,951 Medium

What’s interesting about the 2013 car sales figures so far is that at first glance, the top ten looks largely unchanged. The top four models are the same as 2012; however the latter half of the list paints a different picture. The Chevrolet Celta, Chevrolet Corsa Sedan and Renault Sandero have all dropped out of the top 10, with the Corsa being superseded and the Celta and Sandero suffering big falls (The Celta dropped to 18th; the Sandero to 12th).

The Hyundai HB20 and Chevrolet Onix both debuted in 2013’s top ten after being released late in 2012. The VW Voyage also makes its first appearance, scraping into the coveted top 10 in 2013 so far, after just missing out in 2012 at number 11.

What does this all mean?

When comparing the full 2012 and half-year 2013 top ten’s with 2011’s shows us that Brazil’s car market is still growing at a rapid rate. The trends have remained much the same since 2011 – the preference for small cars and the dominance of major auto brands Volkswagen, Fiat and Chevrolet. It will be interesting to see how the world’s 4th largest car market continues to grow and change over the coming years.

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What are your thoughts on the Brazilian car market?

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