The power of 24/7 Information

In today’s global society where everyone is constantly connected by the Internet, the world of business has also become more global in nature than ever before. Because of the differences in time zones and the round-the-clock nature of modern living, resolving issues and spotting problems at any hour is more important than ever.

The power of 24/7 information allows business owners to be constantly connected to every aspect of their companies, and fleet management is no exception. The pressure to drive costs down means that timely information, both for reporting purposes and to make decisions about the direction of fleets, is more important than ever. This article discusses the importance of 24/7 information and how it relates to fleet management.

Spotting issues on the fly

Having all all of your fleet information at  your fingertips helps you spot any anomalies or problems as soon as they arise, particularly if you have alerts set up to  immediately advise of out of the ordinary occurrences. Being able to accurately monitor your fleet spend, mileage, maintenance dates anytime with fleet management tools means you can always stay one step ahead of the game.

Fleet management systems are most powerful  when managing by exception due to the large amount of data received. Having alerts set up to notify of these exceptions allows you to stay on top of all aspects of your fleet and catch small problems before they become big.

Multi person access

On top of having fleet management systems that let you access information  24/7, many systems also allow multi-person access that lets users log on to online portals from anywhere in the world. This can be especially beneficial for companies with fleets in different areas or larger organisations with several fleet coordinators.

Multi-person access eliminates many problems associated with having a single staff member in charge of monitoring, so that everyone knows how the fleet is operating, and issues that may have been missed by one staff member can be picked up by another. It is also possible to set up restrictive multi-person access that allows different levels of access to different levels of people within the business.

The special case of vehicle tracking

Vehicle tracking is one area of fleet management where 24 hour tracking proves most beneficial. Monitoring fleet drivers movements allows fleet managers to  know when and where vehicles are travelling, and if vehicles:

  • Travel out of designated areas
  • Travel out of predefined times
  • Break speed limits
  • Enter restricted areas

Being able to monitor these activities allows you to be quickly alerted if any exceptions occur and deal with them immediately. Other benefits include using the information to improve route efficiencies, monitor business-use only vehicles, validate unavailable days and locate stolen vehicles instantly.


In this fast paced business environment being able to access information 24/7 is more important than ever. Fleet management systems have become the norm for managing medium to large fleets, giving managers a portal to access every fleet detail as it happens. Being able to access real-time information on every aspect of your vehicle fleet allows you to keep on top of fleet management, and focus on the overall direction of your management to keep your fleet moving forward.

How important is 24/7 information in managing your fleet?

Are you currently utilising fleet management software?

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