June 2010 New Car Sales: movers & shakers

This time last year it was all doom and gloom for the automotive industry, but unprecedented growth has brought us from an all time low to possibly setting an all time high with 1.1million sales forecasted this year.

The impacts of the GFC have caused big shifts in consumer trends. Here are some of the movers & shakers of the auto industry over the past year & the reasons they have succeeded where others have failed.

Movers & Shakers

Segment Car Sales for June 2010 Growth % YTD
Light Car Hyundai Getz 2327 25.5%
Small Car Hyundai i-30 3209 69.6%
Medium Car Toyota Camry 2302 35.0%
Large Car Mercedes Benz E-class 256 83.1%
SUV Compact Mitsubishi Outlander 1018 33.0%
SUV Medium Toyota Prado 1644 44.1%
SUV Large Landrover Discovery 273 41.2%

People want smaller cars

Hyundai saw the signs first & have ridden a wave of sales because of it. Just add the GFC, global warming & increasing petrol prices & you have a silver bullet for large car sales. Consumers are thinking why bother buying a big car? It’s expensive to purchase, expensive to run & global warming nuts might egg your car.

The SUV segment has also followed a similar path with the Compact segment experiencing the highest amount of sales over the past year at 13,687 units sold. Mitsubishi are shaking up this segment with their stylish new 2010 Outlander model, appealing to young families & professionals who want to get out & about.

Its all about the Benjamin’s…. for some

With the return in consumer confidence the luxury segment has seen an explosive rise. With stock markets stabilizing the high rollers have temporarily got back their confidence that Australia’s good fortune will continue. The proof is in the pudding with the Mercedes E-Class seeing the largest growth YTD out of any vehicle model & Land Rover Discovery netting a massive 41.2% growth YTD. However with the Chinese rampant economy slowing down this fortune may not continue.

Whichever way the global economy goes it seems Hyundai are set for a cracking year, with a number of awards from the 2010 operating cost survey by the NRMA. Hyundai’s value for money is impossible to ignore for both consumers & businesses alike, making them the top mover & shaker of the past 12 months.

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