Hyundai i20 a Hit with the Ladies

The Hyundai i20 has recently been released in Australia and has been designed to attract busy ladies who are constantly on the go and looking for something stylish and agile to zip around in. I decided to interview two Fleetcare employees who fit the description and see their initial take on Hyundai’s latest edition.


The i20 packed a punch that I wasn’t expecting. Instantly surprised by the vast amount of space for such a small vehicle, I immediately felt comfortable within the cabin, and the clever use of space means that passengers are also comfortable with sufficient leg and head room.

For a vehicle in the compact range the bitie 1.6L was a more than satisfactory ride, delivering enough power to pull out in traffic without the feeling of putting unnecessary strain on the engine.  The steering is heavier than what you normally have in a compact vehicle, but this makes the i20 more responsive when driving and easy to park and manoeuvre in tight spots.

The interior is well styled without that plastic fantastic look and over the top use of the silver. Clever storage and compartments makes the i20 fit with any lifestyle.

I really enjoyed driving the i20 and could certainly see myself driving this vehicle long term.

I’d give it an i20/10


Having a rather negative perception of Hyundai’s that originated from the late 90’s Excel, I had never really given the brand another chance since then. That was until now.

At first glance what appealed to me was the clean-cut interior design. The dashboard is compact and at a height that doesn’t require your eyes to deviate from the road too much, and is also very clear to read.  There is an iPod connection dock and for those who don’t have one, the trusty cd player is still there.  I was very impressed with the leather seats (most other car manufacturers would never consider putting leather in a car under $20,000) and the red stitching gives it a slightly sporty atmosphere without making you feel like you’re stepping into a racing car.

There is plenty of space and leg room in both the front and the back, meaning no complaining from your friends (or children) when you offer to drive them somewhere and they have to squeeze in!

The compartments seem to be never ending.  There are cup holders, seat pockets and a large glove box that even has a cooling system, allowing you to keep your drinks chilled on a hot summer’s day!  The boot is fairly spacious and comes with a cargo net that stops items rolling around in the back (and squashing the bread!)  What really amazed me was the hook on the back of the passenger seat that you can hang your shopping bags from! Brilliant!

Boasting a 5 star ANCAP Rating as well as being named 2010 ECO Car of the Year, this little machine has everything you need in a car, and more. It has certainly done well to change my perception of Hyundai’s new range of vehicles and I would definitely give this car a second glance.

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