Crash Management: The argument for outsourcing

A driver is on their way to a drop off point and has just pulled up at a set of lights, when “BANG”. Yep, the person texting on their mobile in the car behind has forgotten to brake. Unfortunately crashes are a part of life if your company has a large fleet.

If you are responsible for your company’s fleet, what is the management process when an incident like this occurs?

Obviously the first step is to make sure everyone is ok, but when the dust settles if you manage all your crashes in-house this is what you have to look forward to:

  • You have to determine whose fault it was and determine the legal implications (a feat within itself).
  • The driver needs to continue working if they’re not injured, so a hire car or replacement vehicle may need to be arranged.
  • A claim must be lodged.
  • After that, a trustworthy repairer needs to be selected and appointments made for the car’s damage to be quoted.
  • The documents must then be assessed and authorised before a booking can be arranged with the repairer. 
  • The next step is organising payment of the excess or the invoice, which usually needs to be completed before the repairer can release the vehicle.
  • There may also be third party insurers and paperwork to contend with if the incident was similar to the above example of someone texting whilst driving.

Just imagine the cost in terms of man hours & stress it takes for someone to co-ordinate the repair. Don’t forget if crash management isn’t their normal occupation, the co-ordinator is also neglecting their primary function, missing opportunities and reducing efficiency.

The indirect costs can out weigh the direct costs of the crash, especially if the person responsible is in upper management and on a high salary. If you take these indirect costs into consideration suddenly the argument for outsourcing the entire process seems very one-sided.

Has your business suffered indirect costs as a result of in-house crash management?

What has managing a crash cost you in terms of stress, man hours and missed opportunities?

Please share your experiences below in the comments section.

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