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Fleetcare wouldn’t be the same without our amazing Client Services team. Client services deals with everything from Fuel cards and eTags to Toll notices and verifying maintenance invoices.  

We had the opportunity recently to sit down with Jess to see what it’s like to work in Client Services here at Fleetcare. Jess has over three years’ experience and has dabbled in a number of roles here at Fleetcare. Here is what Jess had to say.

What does your day in Client Services normally consist of?
A normal day in Client Services can be very busy. Our main duties are to answer any queries that our clients and their drivers may have.  These queries come to us through the phone or via email. As well as those duties I also align toll notices, order fuel cards, process fuel cards and issue eTags (to name a few things).

Explain your role to me?
My role as a Client Services Officer is to provide support to our clients and their drivers.  This includes ensuring that any issues with fuel cards & eTags are resolved in a timely manner. 

Who do you mostly deal with on a day to day basis? 
On a day to day basis I deal with current clients, suppliers, our maintenance team, accident team, registrations, roadside support and the rest of my amazing Client Services colleagues.

What is your favourite part of working for client services at Fleetcare?
The rewards of helping a client/driver achieve the best outcome out of their situation.

Tell us about your background?
I started at Fleetcare nearly four years ago. When I started working for Fleetcare I was originally hired as a Registrations Assistant. Outside of work I’m a bit of a gym junkie and enjoy running. 

Tell us a funny work moment. 
One morning we received a call from a Police officer who had broken down out on the road. One of my colleagues followed procedure by transferring the officer to our roadside team. When telling the roadside team what the issue was her words were “Officer Down!”

What is your favourite sport and who do you support?
I do enjoy a bit of football in moderation and yes I support the West Coast Eagles.  

Our Client Services team is always here to help with all of your Fleetcare needs. To reach our Client Services team you can email clientservices@fleetcare.com.au or call 1300 655 170. 

Fleetcare is a specialist vehicle fleet management company.

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