Top selling cars in Australia 2013

It’s hard to believe that a New Year is upon us already, and here at Fleetcare that means one thing – our annual roundup of the previous year’s car sales figures. As we all know, a lot can change in a year, or even in six months in the automotive world as shown by our mid-year analysis. So which cars appealed to the Australian public in 2013? We take a look at the sales figures and what they mean for the automotive industry heading into 2014.

Top 10 best-selling vehicles 2013

  Vehicle No. Sold
1 Toyota Corolla 43,498
2 Mazda 3 42,082
3 Toyota HiLux 39,931
4 Hyundai i30 30,582
5 Holden Commodore 27,766
6 Toyota Camry 24,860
7 Mitsubishi Triton 24,512
8 Holden Cruze 24,421
9 Nissan Navara 24,108
10 Ford Ranger 21,752

Top 10 best-selling car brands 2013

  Brand No. Sold
1 Toyota 214,630
2 Holden 112,059
3 Mazda 103,144
4 Hyundai 97,006
5 Ford 87,236
6 Nissan 76,733
7 Mitsubishi 71,528
8 Volkswagen 54,892
9 Subaru 40,200
10 Honda 39,258

What does this tell us?

2013 was another record year in car sales, with an overall 1.136 million vehicles sold, up 2.2 percent from 2012. The Corolla coming out on top marks a record for Toyota, becoming its first name plate to reach the number one spot in Australia. Toyota has also finally knocked the Mazda3 from number one, the spot it’s held since 2011.  Toyota proved to be the most successful brand in 2013, selling 214,630 new cars, almost double the 112,059 sold by second-placed brand Holden.

Continuing on from the shifts seen in 2012, it is evident that Australian’s vehicle preferences and driving habits are changing – there is clearly a trend towards small vehicles and family cars, with six of the top ten falling into these classifications. No doubt the high fuel prices have contributed to this shift, with more fuel-efficient cars surging in popularity since 2011. 

While the top ten is dominated by small cars, the remaining four vehicles are from the utility category, up from just two utilities in the 2012 top ten. Fleet and tool-of-trade vehicles make up a large portion of these sales, reflecting the success of our resources and property sectors.

The other notable point is the sheer number of car makers in this year’s top 10 – seven in total. With so many vehicle makes and models now available in Australia, manufacturers have to work harder to produce cars to appeal to drivers.

Final thoughts

Another record-breaking year of car sales saw another varied top ten line-up emerging. It will be interesting to see what happens with car sales in Australia going forward, particularly as manufacturing moves off-shore. It will be fascinating to watch and see whether current trends continue or different car makes and models emerge as new front runners in 2014.  Have you considered salary sacrificing a car?

What do you think of the 2013 top ten?

How do you think the top ten will change in 2014?

Post your comments below.

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