Getting the most out of your fleet management product

Congratulations – you have signed up for a fleet management product to take care of your fuel, maintenance and roadside assistance. While this is a great start to improving your fleet’s efficiency as well as saving your business money and hassle, did you know that fleet management can give you so much more? What’s even better is that it is possible to squeeze so much extra value out of your fleet management investment for free, or just a little extra a month. This article examines some easy ways to get more out of your current fleet management product.

Save additional time and money with add-on services

Most fleet management products come with fuel cards, maintenance and roadside assistance. While these are the standard features, extra fleet services are often offered. Tailoring your fleet management package to suit your individual business needs can save you time and money by reducing the number of suppliers you have to liaise with and their associated fees.  By consolidating multiple services you also benefit from one monthly invoice for all of your fleet costs, making accounting easier. 

Additional fleet management services that you can bundle into your current product may include:

  • GPS tracking – Track your fleet’s activity to stay informed on your fleet’s status 24/7, and use the data to improve route efficiencies, monitor business-use vehicles and more.
  • eTag management – if your employees travel through toll locations, e-Tag management allows you to keep track of your e-Tag transactions with itemised costs in your monthly invoice.
  • Vehicle finance – Benefit from superior buying power when financing through your fleet management company, and choose from the finance option that best suits you (Finance lease, operating lease, chattel mortgage, etc.).
  • Crash management – Reduce the impact of crashes on your business and minimise associated costs with end-to-end crash support to get your vehicles back on the road faster.
  • Insurance – Accessing insurance through your fleet provider can further reduce your costs and ensure your vehicles are adequately covered to suit your fleet needs.

Utilise your account manager

Once signed up for fleet management services you will typically be assigned a dedicated account manager who will look after your fleet needs. When paying for fleet management services, taking advantage of your account manager’s knowledge is often underutilised, therefore you could be getting more value for money by learning from their fleet expertise. Your fleet manager can provide invaluable tips and advice on how to manage your fleet that can save you time and money on top of your paid services.

Rather than waiting for them to contact you to ask how everything is going, why not drop them a line via email or phone to pick their brain about how to improve efficiencies and streamline processes? They can also help you extract custom reports about your fleet, and advise you on the best finance and insurance options for your vehicles.

Unlock the full potential of your fleet reporting

Most fleet management products come with access to online portals, like Fleetcare’s fleetmanager, where you can easily access and extract detailed data about your fleet. While these systems often provide automatically generated reports on fuel cards activity and incident summaries, you can also drill deeper into your data by generating custom reports. Depending on your needs you can compile reports on fleet composition, route efficiencies and fuel analysis to better understand your fleet and ultimately get more value for money out of your management service. 

Final thoughts

The items discussed are just a few of the many ways you can get more out of your fleet management provider. To see what extra benefits your fleet manager offers, either contact them directly or visit their website. If you are looking to sign up to a fleet management provider, Fleetcare offers tailored solutions for fleets of all sizes – from small businesses to large corporates. To find out more, call 1300 655 170.

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