Top selling cars in Australia 2012

Another year and yet another top ten list showcasing the top sellers. In what is becoming an annual article here at Fleetcare, we take the top ten selling cars and try to understand what they tell us about the habits of the Australian public. Last year we had the Mazda 3 at number 1 - would it hold its own? Could the Holden Commodore come back? Or perhaps a new contender could take the crown. As per usual, we look past the figures to find out what the table is telling us. In the past we looked at the figures from yesteryear, however this year we’re doing something different. This year we will look at the actual car sales figures and what they tell us about the respective conditions of the states and territories.

The top ten

Well, ok so there were no mega surprises this year. Mazda remained on top, the Holden Commodore continued its  downward slide (The Falcon is actually out this year!) and small cars continued their slow takeover of the top spots. Yet again another small car got into the mix. There are now 6 small cars in the top ten, something which would have been alien to all involved just 12 months ago.

2012 Vehicle Sold 2011 Vehicle Sold
1. Mazda3 44,128 1. Mazda3 41,429
2. Toyota Hilux 40,646 2. Holden Commodore 40,617
3. Toyota Carolla 38,799 3. Toyota Hilux 36,124
4. Holden Commodore 30,532 4. Toyota Carolla 36,087
5. Holden Cruze 29,161 5. Holden Cruze 33,784
6. Hyundai i30 28,348 6. Hyundai i30 28,869
7. Toyota Camry 27,230 7. Nissan Navara 21,675
8. Nissan Navara 26,045 8. Toyota Camry 19,169
9. Toyota Yaris 18,808 9. Ford Falcon 18,741
10. Ford Focus 18,586 10. Mitsubishi Lancer 18,717

*Have a look at the 2011 car sales figures

Looking deeper – what does it say about the states and territories

Yes, the top ten tells us a lot about who’s selling well and what forecourts are tumbleweed territory, but there is something more to learn. After looking into the sales numbers by state/territory something very interesting appears. Immediately after crunching the numbers we realise how much of a difference the mining boom is making in Western Australia. This year 1 out of every 16.5 Western Australians bought a new vehicle. Whats even more staggering is that vehicle sales increased by 16.9%. These figures look impressive when compared to other Australian states but they look even more surprising when compared to a handful of other countries.

Area Cars sold People per new car
Total Australia 1,120,000    20
Western Australia 128,005 16.5
Victoria 293,778   19
Tasmania 16,981 30
South Australia 67,999 24
Queensland 235,025 19
Northern Territory 11,598 21
New South Wales 341,211 21
ACT 17,435 21
USA 14,500,000 21
China 19,300,000 71
UK 2,040,000 30

Final thoughts

Make no mistake, 2012 was a very, very big year for the car industry. While not much changed in the top ten, a lot of cars were sold. A record 1.12 million was posted on the sales board so 2012 will be remembered by many in the car retail sector as a serious bumper year (pun intended). So what should we expect from 2013? If I had to guess I would say that the top ten won’t change course in any major way. I predict that sedans will continue their decline, Toyota will continue to dominate among the manufacturers and small cars and very large vehicles will continue their growth. As confident as I am about these predictions I would love to see a major shift in the game, if only to see an interesting story unfold.

What do you think of the top 10?

Do you things will change in 2013?

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