Australia Day car accessories

More than ever before, our cars are being used as a means to express our personality – we display everything from stickers depicting our families to our favourite sports teams on our vehicles. When it comes to celebrating Australia Day on January 26th, the expression of national pride extends to our cars, with many flying Australian flags on their vehicles. We take a look at what sort of accessories you can use to show your national pride on Australia Day, and take a look at the debate around such patriotic car accessories.

The flags

You can tell that Australia Day is nearing when you start seeing cars flying Australian flags from their windows. The flags are a popular choice for Australia Day accessories as they are widely available, inexpensive and easy to install – simply wind up your car windows and wedge the base of the flag in. These increasingly common accessories are available in a wide range of sizes, from small to quite large. You can also choose the number of flags that you wish to display, with most people using two – one on each side, while some choosing one large flag instead. Some drivers even take their patriotism further with four or more flags. The number and size of flags depends entirely on your personal tastes and your vehicle’s specifications.

Other interesting novelties

There is a huge market in Australia for patriotic car accessories – as such, think of any car accessory and chances are you can get one with an Australian themed design. Popular novelties include bumper stickers, seat covers, windshield visors and number plate frames, baring either the Australian flag or the green and gold kangaroo.

The debate

Each year as January 26th Approaches and the Australian car accessories come out, so does the debate about these accessories and what they mean. There is often debate as to whether flying an Australian flag from your car is considered ‘bogan’, or simply an expression of national pride and a symbol of being a “true blue Aussie”.  Some also argue that flying multiple flags from your vehicle is overdoing the Australia Day patriotism, but many disagree. As with any debate, there is plenty of passion from both sides and everyone has their own opinion on the topic.

Final thoughts

Australia is a country full of national pride and people love to display their love for the country – often through their vehicles with Australia Day accessories. Although many people love showing their Aussie pride by flying flags on their vehicles, some prefer celebrating the day in a more subtle fashion. As with any major event, there will always be some debate on how best to celebrate. However, no matter how you decide to do to celebrate Australia Day, we hope that you have a wonderful long weekend and enjoy everything that our beautiful country has to offer!

What do you think of the Australian flags on cars?

How are you choosing to celebrate Australia Day?

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