Geely enters the market low but aims high

Bowan Spanbroek | 29/01/2010 3:58:28 PM

This year we will see the introduction of the third Chinese Automotive brand to the Australian market. Geely is set to bring 3 models into Australia via John Hughes ‘Chinese Automotive Distributors’ Company. Initially it will be WA that receives the first 1.5 litre MK models, with dealerships in North Perth and Mandurah releasing possibly in May.Hughes is currently recruiting dealerships over east to distribute the new brand nationally. The aggressive pricing of the MK and Pan...

Survival of the Fittest: The competitive environment after the GFC

Bowan Spanbroek | 25/01/2010 4:00:56 PM

Darwin’s law of Natural Selection came into play in the Auto industry this year, with the GFC testing all manufacturers flight or fight responses. If a companies value proposition didn’t add up in 2009 then they were subject to the laws of nature, with only a handful posting positive sales.The down turn really showed the underlying demand for brands. Those who where not thriving in 2008 where left behind to be eaten by this new economic threat.   Top of the food chain ...

Car production takes a dive

Bowan Spanbroek | 11/01/2010 4:04:05 PM

Australian car production has slumped to a low of 225,713 vehicles produced in 2009, a staggering 100,000 fewer cars than 2008. The high Australian dollar has hindered the already diminished demand from foreign importers in the US and Middle East. On top of this local producers are hurting from the recent tariff cut that has lowered foreign importers costs considerably. These combined factors mean local producers will be relying heavily on tax-payer funded assistance in the coming year, w...

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