Petrol on the rise for Christmas but OPEC’s power not what it used to be

Mark Schneider | 21/12/2016 9:15:58 AM

OPEC’s recent decision to cut oil production and raise the price of crude oil was something of a return to form from the once all-powerful oil cartel but any impact on the price of fuel at the bowser may not be particularly big or long lasting. That’s because OPEC is far from the monopolistic cartel it once was. Non-conventional oil Its price-fixing prowess has been greatly weakened in recent years by a flood of non-conventional oil from American shale-oil producers and in...

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Categories: Fuel

Ferrari resists all-electric performance push

Mark Schneider | 2/12/2016 8:47:11 AM

Sales of electric cars may still be a trickle but that trickle may yet become a flood if Toyota’s reported plans to mass-produce long range electric cars by 2020 come to fruition. Toyota’s decision coincides with Renault-Nissan’s recently announced plans to introduce an US$8,000 electric car to the Chinese market. One manufacturer that won’t be joining in the electric revolution anytime soon however is Ferrari. While the exotic Italian intends to give all its new c...